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How do I join GenV?

Participating in GenV will be easy for all families.

If you choose to participate, we want you and your child to enjoy life with minimum fuss.

As part of the normal experience of having your baby, you will receive some information on GenV. If your child is born at a participating hospital, shortly after birth a GenV team member will visit you.

We will explain GenV, go through all the important information about what taking part involves, and answer any questions you have. Once all your questions have been answered, we invite you to join GenV.

It’s easy to join GenV

If you decide to join GenV when we visit you, we will ask you to sign a consent form and give you a copy to keep. You can even decide to take part in all, or only some of GenV. Your consent covers you and your child.

Where possible, we hope both parents will take part in GenV to help give us a more complete picture. If so, we’ll give you a separate consent form for your child’s other parent. If your child’s other parent is not there at the time, you can give them their form at a later date.

You always have options and control over your participation

Once you have joined GenV, we will contact you a few times a year over the first few years of your child’s life to check in on your family’s health and development. We will also confirm that you and your family still wish to participate. Learn more about your participation options.

If you have any questions before we visit you, if we miss you in hospital or, if you decide to take part later, you can always contact us here.

Are you considering a home birth? You can still take part in GenV!