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Enquire about collaborating with GenV

We welcome collaborations – see GenV’s collaboration principles below.

Want to discuss an early idea? Please contact solutionsgenv@mcri.edu.au.

Want to propose a collaboration with GenV? Please fill out an Expression of Interest (EOI):

GenV’s collaboration principles

GenV is open to expression of interests from projects that:

  • Fit with GenV’s overarching principles
  • Target children whose birthdates fit with those of GenV, and/or their parents
  • Provide value both to the project and to GenV
  • Are open to co-design to ensure clear roles for the project and for GenV
  • Are feasible
  • Do not pose significant risks or burden to GenV participants
  • Commit to Open Science and two-way data sharing
  • Help build the statewide GenV data resource (e.g. add data/biosamples for all participants, or for the whole subgroup meeting that criterion).

Our biosamples are small in volume and depletable. Therefore, bioassay requests are most likely to proceed if they:

  • Are for all participants in GenV (or for the whole subgroup with that biosample)
  • Would be valued by many researchers
  • Generate broad, not hypothesis-specific, biodata (eg -omics panels)
  • Are supported by funding and quality processes.